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 Super Stardust HD (PS3)

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Date d'inscription : 12/07/2008

MessageSujet: Super Stardust HD (PS3)   Sam 12 Juil 2008, 11:57

Super Stardust HD
PS3 (Playstation Network)
ESRB: Everyone
Official site

One of the most popular Xbox 360 games to date is also one of the least likely, in today’s age of high-definition graphics, ten-hour narratives, and huge, immersive 3D game worlds. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is so good that it’s become the benchmark for all dual-analog action shooters -- and in Geometry Wars’ wake, there have been many games hoping to capture the same magical essence.

So it’s no surprise that a competitor was soon released for the Playstation Network: a remake of the classic Atari title Super Stardust. The same basic formula applies -- shoot everything that moves and try not to die. Frenetic gameplay, twitch instincts, and plenty of pretty explosions are the name of the game here.

You have never seen an arcade game look so good. Super Stardust HD takes full advantage of the PS3’s power, pumping out magnificent displays of asteroid carnage in glorious 1080p. And if you’re looking for action, Super Stardust HD has it in droves -- the action frequently gets hectic, with even tiny asteroid chunks threatening to rip your ship in half. The action on each of the five planets starts relatively slow, with only a couple of large asteroids threatening your existence. But as you progress through each planet’s five stages, you’ll often face asteroid showers, formations of suicide ships, and even massive UFOs -- all landing practically on top of you, all at the same time.

But how does it compare to the accepted king of the hill, Geometry Wars? Far from blindly copying the formula, Super Stardust HD throws away the streamlined gameplay and visual style of the former for a deeper, more tactical experience. Your ship has three different types of weapons, and each works best against a different enemy. And alongside the classic bombs and shields you also have a boost thruster that will speed you over to the opposite side of a planet, smashing anything in your way. As you get into the game, you’ll discover more little tricks you can use to gain an advantage.

Geometry Wars can, depending on your mood, be a more thrilling experience, because it’s simpler. It’s just you, the four walls, and a whole lot of enemies. But Super Stardust HD offers big-budget blockbuster action that can be just as entertaining, if not more so. If you’re at all a fan of action shooters, there’s no reason not to download this game. (Get it: 90/100)
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Super Stardust HD (PS3)
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